Successful businesses do not come from ideas, dreams, or whatever else goes on inside your head. Successful businesses come from your five senses – looking at the world around you the way it really is, seeing the opportunities that really exist at a given time, and taking advantage of them.

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Are you an entrepreneur starting your own business for the first time, and find that you have more questions than answers?

Are you a former corporate employee who is looking to transition to an entrepreneurial career, and worried about whether you have what it takes to succeed as a small business owner, consultant or self-employed professional?

Are you an established business owner looking for advice on your most difficult and pressing concerns?

Are you setting up an e-commerce business presence on the Internet or selling products and services on eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon and Craigslist?

Are you offering products, services and solutions to America's small business owners and need help in reaching new customers, or making the most of existing customer opportunities?

Are you searching for answers to specific business questions about...

  • Starting a new business from scratch?
  • Buying a small business or franchise?
  • Marketing your business online?
  • Finding new customers?
  • Pricing your products and services?
  • Licensing your ideas and inventions to other companies?
  • Getting a "leg up" on your competitors?
  • Merging with another company?
  • Hiring someone full-time?
  • Taking in a business partner?
  • Working with a spouse or relative?
  • Working as an independent contractor or consultant?
  • Finding a life/work balance while still running a successful business?
  • Finding "angels" and other investors?
  • Forming a corporation or LLC for your business?
  • Safeguarding your new business name?
  • Dealing with federal, state and local taxes?
  • Finding lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers, marketing experts, insurance brokers and other trusted advisors for your business needs?

If so, you've come to the right place...

Here, you have access to proven tools and techniques required to be successful—from the start! You won't waste precious time or effort. Learn from one of the country' foremost business coaches how to get it right the first time.

What is "Succeeding in Your Business?"

"Succeeding in Your Business" is one of the most widely read, nationally syndicated, business advice columns in America today, with a total circulation of up to 30 million readers in newspapers alone and millions more on the Internet. Written by Cliff Ennico, a leading small business and e-commerce expert, each week "Succeeding in Your Business" tackles head-on some of the toughest challenges self-employed business owners face in America today, and answers those questions in an easy to understand and implement language.

"Succeeding in Your Business" is dedicated to giving you what you need to start and grow a successful business.

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