Succeeding In Your BusinessTM

You don’t have to have a superior product or service to gain advantage over your competitors. A better location, a more convenient way of delivering your product or service, \or a more pleasing and approachable personality, may be all it takes.

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The complete guide to raising money for your growing business on crowdfunding portals.
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The first book to provide struggling entrepreneurs with successful and affordable strategies for coping with – and conquering – small business predators! 

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Thinking about selling professionally on eBay?
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The best – and ONLY – comprehensive guide to the legal and tax rules that apply when you’re selling on eBay, the world’s leading auction marketplace.

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Cliff knows his books on entrepreneurship, small business management and e-commerce are pretty good. Here are a few of the millions of readers who agree with him: “Cliff Ennico’s practical, inspirational, and humorous advice is essential for anyone thinking about starting a business or struggling to revitalize one.”
— Jane Applegate, noted small business expert and author of 201 Great Ideas for Your Small Business


“It IS a jungle out there! Small Business Survival Guide will help steer you past the problems and challenges of running a small business and lead you to entrepreneurial success.”
— Rieva Lesonsky, former Editorial Director, Entrepreneur magazine


“This book is right on the money for growing a business – Money Hunt: 27 New Ways to Create and Build a Breakaway Business is great!”
— Jerry Yang, cofounder and CEO, Yahoo!


“Small Business Survival Guide has it all; it is a virtual guarantee for your small business success.”
— Dr. Laura Schlessinger, internationally syndicated radio talk show host and author of The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands


“Small Business Survival Guide is a must read for anyone with a desire to be his or her own boss. If you’re already running a small business it’s a book you’ll wish you had read sooner! This book provides sage advice peppered with unique humor that is sure to engage every reader.”
— Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO of the Small Business Television Network and author of The Girls’ Guide to Power and Success


“Cliff Ennico once again hits the mark in answering the questions people have in a way that they understand. The eBay Business Answer Book comes at a particularly good time as the economic changes underway will prompt more people to seek a way to earn or supplement their income on eBay.”
— Paul and Sarah Edwards, authors of the


“Working From Home” series of books for home-based entrepreneurs as well as Middle-Class Lifeboat: Careers and Life Choices for Navigating a Changing Economy “If you want to make money selling on eBay, then you have to stop treating it like a garage sale and start treating it like a real business. Sheer panic sets in as you realize this dream of success involves a corporate structure, taxes, business plans, and even hiring employees. Make that dream a reality and read The eBay Seller’s Tax and Legal Answer Book. Cliff breaks down all of these required business rules by making them easy to understand in step-by-step guidelines that are filled with sheer genius, ingenuity, practical advice, and a huge dose of humor. This should be THE book that sits next to your computer.”
— Janelle Elms, founder of the Online Success Institute and creator of the eBay Stores Video Series


“The hunt for money is the only hunt I know where the hunted are the predators and the hunters are the prey! MoneyHunt: 27 New Rules for Creating and Building a Breakaway Business offers real protection and good advice to the courageous souls who are trying to raise money from some of the toughest people on Earth.”
— Reese Schonfeld, founding president and CEO of CNN