Succeeding In Your BusinessTM

The two steps to guaranteed success in a service business are:
(1) find a dirty job that no one wants to do but has to get done; and (2) charge lots of money for doing it.

The two steps to guaranteed success in a service business are:
(1) find a dirty job that no one wants to do but has to get done; and (2) charge lots of money for doing it.

Cliff Ennico is widely considered one of America’s foremost small business experts, and has helped more than 20,000 small businesses get off the ground over the past 40 years.

Best known as the former host of Money Hunt, the pioneering 1990’s PBS television series for entrepreneurs that is widely considered a precursor to “SharkTank” and similar shows, Cliff is a nationally syndicated newspaper and Web columnist, YouTube video host, and professional speaker on just about anything to do with entrepreneurship and running your own business.

A former Wall Street lawyer and business consultant, Cliff is the author of 16 books on entrepreneurship and small business success, including The eBay Business Answer Book, Small Business Survival Guide, Money Hunt: 27 New Ways to Create and Build a Breakaway Business and The Crowdfunding Handbook. To learn more about Cliff’s books and other information products, click here.

A hugely popular veteran speaker for over 30 years, whose style at the podium one organization described as “combining the practical advice of Dale Carnegie, the business wisdom of Warren Buffett, and the frenetic wit and humor of a standup comic,” Cliff travels the country to speak at corporate retreats, trade shows, senior executive and management training programs, sales and marketing organizations, entrepreneur groups and professional associations about topics as diverse as:

  • Building a successful marketing plan for your business;
  • Internet marketing strategies; 
  • Successful selling on the Web;
  • The psychology of successful business owners; 
  • Building a successful business on eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon and Craigslist; 
  • Identifying and challenging your business competitors; 
  • Building a high performance management team;
  • Managing your business in a difficult economy;
  • Becoming a better negotiator;
  • Working with partners, employees and independent contractors;
  • Raising capital and finding investors for your startup or growing business;
  • Building a successful consulting or professional practice;
  • Risk management techniques for the small business; and
  • Legal and tax considerations in starting and running a successful business.

His speaking clients over the years have included eBay, Entrepreneur magazine, Intuit Corp., The New York Times, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB), and the Online Success Institute, as well as business trade groups and associations, Chambers of Commerce, and SCORE chapters across the United States.

Education and Background
Cliff graduated magna cum laude from Dartmouth College in 1975, majoring in history and philosophy, and got his law degree from Vanderbilt University School of Law in 1980, where he was Articles Editor of the Vanderbilt Law Review.

During the 1980s, Cliff worked for a succession of law firms in New York City, where he specialized in corporate finance, venture capital and securities law. After a stint during the early 1990s as in-house counsel for General Electric Capital Corp., he launched his own legal and business development consulting practice in Fairfield, Connecticut in 1996.